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Harmonious modern interior 现代室内设计

Name: Zooi Interior studio Category: 现代简约 Website: Zooi


The living room together with the dining area and the kitchen are combined in a large open space. This decision was taken thanks to the replanning of the flat. 起居室与用餐区和厨房结合在一个大型的空地上。这个决定是由于该单元的重新规划所致。

Especially for this minimalist interior, the designers Max Doshchinsky and Pavel Voitov created an original LED lighting named Full Moon. 特别是对于这个简约的内饰,设计师Max Doshchinsky和Pavel Voitov创造了一个名为满月的原创LED照明设计。

Zooi architects chose for this interior a minimalist style because it’s the most comfortable and functional format for young active people. Zooi建筑团队选择这种内饰为简约风格,因为它是年轻活跃人士最舒适和最实用的形式。

Interior designers decided to maximize the use of daylight choosing for the living room large panoramic windows and located near them the dining area. 室内设计师决定最大限度地利用日光选择的客厅大型全景窗户和位于他们附近的用餐区。

The final effect of this interior is created by the details: a bench in the hall, soft colors and a careful choice of lamps from renowned European manufactures. 这个内饰的最终效果来自于细节:大厅里的长椅,柔和的色彩以及来自欧洲知名制造商的精心选择。

Because of the young age of the customer the designers of Zooi proposed to create an individual kitchen with a bar table. 由于客户的年龄较小,Zooi的设计师建议创建一个带酒吧桌的独立厨房。

Every interior becomes original if it includes individual furniture. Especially for this interior Max Doshchinsky and Pavel Voitov designed the kitchen and carried out its production. 如果包括单独的家具,每个室内都变得原始。特别是对于这个内饰,Max Doshchinsky和Pavel Voitov设计了厨房并进行了生产。

In the bedroom Zooi designers projected a charming place to stay near the window: a unique module created as a bench and shelves. 在卧室里,Zooi的设计师们预计会有一个迷人的地方留在靠近窗户的地方:一个独特的模块就像长凳和架子一样。

A designer wardrobe helped to save more free space in the bedroom. 设计师处理衣柜在卧室节省更多的自由空间。

Bedroom is made special by the big windows that take half of the perimeter. 卧室由占据周边一半的大窗户所特制。

The main bathroom in decorated by a white marble. 主浴室以白色大理石装饰。

For furnishing of bathroom were used Belgian interior items. 对于装饰的浴室被使用比利时内饰物品。

The interior of the guest bedroom is also made in minimalist style. For the equipment of this bedroom interior was used a cabinet furniture individually projected by Zooi and lighting from European fabrics. 客房的内部也采用简约风格。这间卧室内的设备使用了由Zooi单独投影的橱柜家具和欧洲织物照明。

The guest bathroom is made in white color with the use of a stylish Belgian furniture and decor. 客用浴室采用时尚的比利时家具和装饰,以白色制成。

White color was used also to create visually more space in the little bathroom. For the walls decoration was used a white marble with grey shadows. 白色也被用来在小浴室中增加视觉空间。对于墙壁装饰使用了灰色阴影的白色大理石。